To Non Christians through Christians

To Non-Christians, through Christians is a phrase coined many years ago internally among our Polytechnic Ministry staff and volunteers to express in a nutshell our focus and direction in evangelism. Today, it is still often heard in our conversations and discussions

The Polytechnic Ministry staff team comprises highly motivated, eclectic individuals from different backgrounds united by a common desire to bring the gospel to the polytechnic youths. Ever since its conception in 2002, it has always been on our hearts to reach non-Christians through mobilizing and equipping Christian students and volunteers.

Caroline and Jia En hanging out.

Foong Jia En, a Polytechnic Ministry staff, has seen how they have embodied and lived out this principle throughout the years. Having been a volunteer since its birth 17 years ago, she finds it a great privilege and joy to witness life begetting life, through students receiving Jesus into their lives and then bringing the same life-giving gospel to those around them. One unique encounter during her two years as a staff was with Edmund Ang, a polytechnic student, in July 2018.

Edmund with his PEP Group!

It was Barnabas Tan, one of our peppers* who shared the gospel with Edmund after school one day. Following that, Edmund wanted to find out more about Jesus. That was the fourth time a Christian had approached Edmund to try to tell him about Jesus – it was no wonder he wanted to find out more! God did His work in Edmund’s heart as His people sowed and planted the seed of the gospel.

Small groups in Poly Ministry are called PEP (Prayer & Evangelism Partnership) groups. So a student in a PEP is a “pepper”!

Barnabas at a Poly Year End Serve!

At the first evangelistic Bible lesson with Jia En, he shared his own religious background and that he had never heard much about Jesus or any other gods before. However, he was curious why Jesus, who was not related to him by blood, was willing to die for him. During the lessons, Jia En patiently answered his questions and pointed him back to the Bible. At the end of the first two rounds, she made it a point to ask if he would receive Jesus into his life. He said he agreed with everything but was fearful of his parents’ reaction.

At the last lesson, she asked him again. Convicted of the truth, he said yes! Then he asked, “Does this mean when I go home, I need to tell my parents that I cannot follow them to the temple?” Amazed and thankful, Jia En recognized God’s hand in Edmund’s life, drawing him to Christ! Currently, she is helping him in his new faith.

Presently, Edmund is himself an active polytechnic pepper, learning to share the gospel as it is important to him that he communicates his faith in Christ with his family members, friends and school mates. He has been tagging along with other Christian students to learn how he can do so. He is also attending a local church. Recently, when he heard a new discipleship class coming up in his church, he encouraged his sister to sit in and at this time of writing, she is attending it!

One by one, polytechnic students are partnering with our staff and volunteers to learn to share their faith, out of their comfort zones and start conversations about Christianity with others. We pray more and more will come to hear and place their faith in Christ, just as Edmund did and in turn share with others.

To Non-Christians, through Christians will continue as Polytechinc Ministry’s byword for a long time to come.

Caroline Cheah serves in the Polytechnic Ministry.