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Geared to
 the Times,
 to the Rock:
What does 
it mean for
 SYFC today?

It can be difficult to accept or adapt to change simply because we do not like our boats to be rocked. However, with rapid leaps in technology that massively change the way we communicate, we need to understand our times and stay relevant to today’s youth. 
 Pray for us as we step out of…
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New Staff in SYFC: Caroline and Elizabeth!

Coming into SYFC full-time as a fresh polytechnic graduate, clutching my Diploma in Retail and Hospitality Design, was a decision I never thought I would ever make. Looking back now on my three years in full-time, I can see how God brought me through each decision I made and how He led me to continue…
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To Non Christians through Christians

To Non-Christians, through Christians is a phrase coined many years ago internally among our Polytechnic Ministry staff and volunteers to express in a nutshell our focus and direction in evangelism. Today, it is still often heard in our conversations and discussions The Polytechnic Ministry staff team comprises highly motivated, eclectic individuals from different backgrounds united…
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The S.T.E.M. of our Work

by Caroline Cheah Once in a while, at a gathering or church Missions Sunday, someone would comment to our staff, “I don’t hear much about SYFC these days.” We would quickly share that SYFC is still around, how we are reaching young people today and ask if he or she would like to continue to…
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Big Lessons in Small Matters

By Caroline Cheah It never dawned upon me how important relationships were till I entered into polytechnic.