New Staff in SYFC: Poly Edition

After I graduated from polytechnic, I joined GradServe. Through that four months, I came to experience and understand the need for polytechnic students to hear the gospel. I then decided to spend my first year after graduation in full-time service in the Polytechnic Ministry, giving my first fruits to God. I faced much opposition from my parents and people around me for taking that step but God brought me through that period!

As a Polytechnic Ministry staff, I support the ground work, lead a team of student leaders and plan for the upcoming GradServe.

As I served, I realised I was craving for man’s approval. God taught me that this came from my selfish intention and started changing my attitude. I have come to learn to labour for the audience of One. I hope that God will shape and mould me as I walk with Him!

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GradServe is a project serve program for Christians upon their graduation from polytechnic.

In early 2017, I resigned as a physiotherapist in a government hospital where I was working since 2013. As I explored possibilities for my next step, conversations with various individuals led me to join GradServe in the Polytechnic Ministry.

During my stint, God convicted me of the urgency to bring the gospel to unsaved youths. I discovered polytechnic students were generally open to discuss religion because of their new stage of life and availability of time. Journeying with tertiary students as they discover more about Christ was a joy. I decided to join SYFC full-time. I am glad I can help new converts understand the basics of Christian living and develop tools for students to use to personally share their faith.

About 20 years ago, my father had also broached the topic of entering full-time ministry with my mom. While it was a struggle, she gave her blessings saying, “Who am I to say no to God?” She affirmed me in the same way. Therefore, I cannot but honour God with wholehearted service!

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