Serious Play and Fun Together

“If you want to go fast, go alone.

But if you want to go far, go with someone.”

In EDGE (Sports), we recognize on our own, we can only go so far. So we join hands with others from diverse areas and backgrounds for Christ. We give you a glimpse of the individuals and organisations we have worked with over the years.

EDGE: Evolving Digital Generation Evangelism


Ee Han (1st from left, Front Row) with the basketball Team

From 2015-2018, EDGE ministry coordinator, Tee Ee Han partnered with a Christian friend to organize a team of 16 to 35 years old men to compete in ‘Crossroads’, a basketball league organized by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). During team training for this league, all players get to hear Bible truth through simple devotions. As a result, Ee Han gets to spend extended time with his players, after training and over meals.


Steven (centre) with the soccer team

In March 2019, I partnered the Aldersgate Youth Football Club to organize friendly matches for football-loving youths. Steven Black and Michael Ng oversee this club. They are keen to give coaches, parents, children and youths (especially heartland marginalized youths) the platform to pursue their passion for football and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus. After the matches, I followed up with my 10 boys in their interest to know more about Christianity while Steven and Michael looked for ways to invite the players and their parents to their church.

A youth “slacking” at the neighbourhood


In early 2019, EDGE staff, Jack Yam conducted Slacklining at a drop-in centre in Kallang Bahru. Supporting our Youth Guidance Ministry staff who were reaching out to children and youths hanging out regularly at this centre, he taught this interesting activity to 20 young people (not all at a time) over about six sessions.

“JO’s first words to Jack were, ‘Very difficult, sure cannot one lah!’”. Jack observed that JO had to overcome his initial apprehension of attempting the slackline. After several weeks, JO succeeded in crossing it and jokingly told Jack he wanted to be Jack’s assistant coach!
The beauty in Slacklining is in its simplicity. It takes just 10 minutes to set up. All you need is two strong anchorpoints, (pillar or tree) where the slackline can be tensioned between them. The goal for the beginner is to mount, balance and walk it. However, to do so successfully unaided like JO usually requires several sessions.

Sport Climbing

Titus, Shona, Ee Han, Jack, and Lee Hwa, (Clockwise from top left) preparing for the instructor level climbing courses
Participant on his climbing certification practice

In April and July 2018, Jack also conducted Level One and Two Sport Climbing certification courses for nine church members of Church of Our Saviour. Pastor Christopher Ho who invited us shares, “I really enjoyed the Sport Climbing course conducted by SYFC. Through the course, I picked up some skills on climbing and also used the activity to share the gospel. From the certification, a group of us from the church managed to bring some children for a sport climbing experience and talk about Jesus, and led some of the children to Christ.”


Besides climbing and abseiling over the years, archery is a popular request from Boys’ Brigade Companies during their training and preparation for their annual Trailblazer event as well as from Girls’ Brigade Companies. 

On 21st February 2019, EDGE conducted an “Introduction to Archery” and Abseil for 10 boys from the 9th Boys Brigade (BB) Company. At the end of the session, one boy indicated he prayed to receive Christ and two others expressed interest to know more about the Christian faith. What a joy!

We desire to work with more sports individuals and groups who want to use sports for more young people to come to follow the perfect Coach of Life. If you know of any athlete, coach, instructor, team or youth outreach work keen to know more about EDGE Sports, do let us know at or

Lionel Chan, 53, EDGE staff, soccer coach. SYFC’s first attempt at sports ministry started with him in the 1990s.