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Serious Play and Fun Together

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
 But if you want to go far, go with someone.” In EDGE (Sports), we recognize on our own, we can only go so far. So we join hands with others from diverse areas and backgrounds for Christ. We give you a glimpse of the individuals and organisations…
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Gospel Team Players

This is the power of sports: to capture people’s attention, to bring people together, and to change people’s lives. In SYFC, we recognise sports as a dynamic platform from which we can bring the Good News to more young people out there. Hence we continue to run TeenSportz, a yearly evangelistic sports competition; involve ourselves…
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Through the Lens of a Teensportz Organiser

I was first involved in TeenSportz 2012 (known as TeenGames then) as the Logistic IC. Since then, I have served as sports IC, vice-chairman and then chairman. It has been exciting and challenging, a God-led journey of evolving this sports competition as young people’s preferences and perceptions of sports events change. To keep pace, we…
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