Gospel Team Players

A Teensportz Sports Friend (right most), sharing to a team

This is the power of sports: to capture people’s attention, to bring people together, and to change people’s lives. In SYFC, we recognise sports as a dynamic platform from which we can bring the Good News to more young people out there. Hence we continue to run TeenSportz, a yearly evangelistic sports competition; involve ourselves in sports coaching; support and collaborate with ministry partners within and without SYFC by running activities like sport climbing, archery, slacklining etc.

Sports and adventure will continue to grow in popularity despite technological advances. In a coaches training, my trainer mentioned that more often than not, a coach has more power than a parent or teacher might have. Why so? It is because while many of us may see sports and adventure as a form of entertainment or leisure, to a young person it can mean so much more. It is an arena where youths learn to compete in life, experience success and failure, develop tougher minds and bodies, and perhaps find meaning in life. Which is why they would listen to the instructions from their coaches and instructors in order to improve their game and enjoy the sport even more.

Each year, we look at this evergreen medium of sports and adventure, and ask ourselves “Can we do more?” And the answer is a resounding “Yes!” However, as one ministry organization, there is only that much we can do. Imagine what could be done when more of God’s people come together to harness this ‘natural power’ for His purpose. Just as there is no ‘I’ in the word ‘TEAM’, there is no ‘I’ in using sports for our Lord.

Tee Ee Han, a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

We thank God for our sports and adventure partners in the gospel over the years (please read Serious Play and Fun Together). We welcome more co-labourers with the desire to use sports and adventure for outreach to come alongside us to use this very useful vehicle together, for the glory of God.