New Staff in SYFC

Since I joined SYFC full-time a year ago, I have many opportunities to work among preteens, locally and overseas. It is mainly because of my desire to focus fully on evangelism amongst preteens that I took this step of faith.  

At first, I was not used to our different ‘categories’ of evangelism. I did not quite understand. “Why place evangelism into different categories when Jesus’ call is simply “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”? Over time, as I hear out our various ministry teams, I realize each classification is not an end in itself. We are not bound by these classifications, rather we hold them in the light of God’s Kingdom.

God has encouraged me in the past year. Three months before joining the staff team, a student whom I got to know nine years ago through an enrichment programme came to trust in the Lord. This August, another student whom I got to know 12 years ago also responded to the Lord in faith. Through them, the Lord reminded me from 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 that we are called to be faithful to plant or water where He places us; only He gives the growth.

Wang Qiuyue, 42, continues to run a Girls’ Brigade company sponsored by her church, St John’s Chapel, where she served full-time before joining us.

Early 2017, God began a work in my heart towards His ministry with a promise “I will give rain to the seed with which you sow the ground, and the produce will be plenteous.” (Isaiah 30:23). Little did I know it was the gospel seed! The door to Youth Guidance (YG) opened in February 2019. After prayerful consideration, I joined as a project servant and in August, converted to staff to befriend, life-coach, counsel, evangelise and disciple youth-at-risk.

Being a previous youth character and leadership curriculum developer cum trainer and a teacher of mainly Normal Technical students for the last decade, God has prepared me to be at ease with challenging youths. My heart has longed for them to know Jesus and experience the presence of the Almighty in life’s seasons. Hence, I feel privileged to be involved in transforming youth for His kingdom.

Reaching youth-at-risk requires tenacity more than skills. Once at a girls’ home, sensing the impatience at frequent preaching, I echoed their sentiments explicitly, “Jesus, Jesus!?! Everything is Jesus. Very irritating, right?” One girl responded, “Eh, how you know ah? Last night, we were ranting about it. But actually, deep down, we know when we pray, He really answers.” God is always working as we labour faithfully.

In YG, my heart is often full watching God’s power convicting and bringing youths to Himself. The battle is seldom with the youth but a spiritual one, deep and internal, that can only be won by God.

Cindy, 37, is blissfully married to Asher Ling. They worship at Aldersgate Methodist Church where she serves as a worship leader and vocalist.