Introducing A Younger Leader: James Lee

A new leadership team will take SYFC into the years ahead from 2021 onwards. In each issue of Reach this year, we will introduce each of this band of servants, that you may know their heartbeat and pray for them.

James Lee attended SYFC club meetings occasionally as a secondary school student. At an evangelistic rally, he asked the Lord into his life but only became more serious about his faith in 1986 at a SYFC camp, Sold Out. In 1987, he volunteered in the then Queenstown Area. He joined the Republic of Singapore Air Force as a regular and throughout his eight years, served as volunteer leader in the ministry. So sold out was he for youth to hear the gospel that after his bond in 1995, he came in full-time. He has since reached Secondary School, ITE and troubled youth.

In 2013, he went on board the executive leadership team. From 2021, as the only one from this team who will move on to serve with the younger leaders, he is humbly trusting the Lord to use him.

James, what is your role today among the younger leaders?

I oversee the Secondary School & Junior College Ministry and Polytechnic Ministry, supervising and developing the leaders. I also look into partnership with likeminded churches and organisations.

How do you see SYFC moving ahead in the next five years?

We need to be creative and bold to reach the different spectrum of today and tomorrow’s youth through various means; develop resources and training materials for youth evangelism; and partner likeminded groups to reach more youth with the gospel.

What motivates you to be a part of this younger team for the years ahead?

I desire to see more youth reached and more Christian workers and youth sent into the harvest. God willing, the executive leadership team can help to develop the next generation of younger leaders to continue His work as His coming draws near.

What desire did the Lord put in your heart when you first came in? To the best of your knowledge, how can you put it into practice in this new team?

I had the desire to disciple and train more Christian workers and youth to do responsible youth evangelism. I hope to lead our ministry to prayerfully seek the Lord for more young, committed and creative co-workers who are bold to explore new frontiers to reach youth. I can be proactive to develop evangelism training packages as well as spur Christian workers and youth in youth evangelism.

What do you like better about SYFC and what do you think we can do better/more in?

LIKE: Our many committed co-workers, both staff and volunteers, who sacrificially serve alongside us.

DO BETTER/MORE: To have greater boldness to do more for God, and to spend more time praying

Share a difficulty as you lead and how you are overcoming it.

I am finding it difficult to keep up with the constant evolving youth trends and am learning from my younger co-leaders who are better at it.

Describe the support from your family and what you enjoy in your free time?

By the grace of God, my family is very supportive. In my free time, I enjoy sports with my family and walking or jogging with my wife.