Reaching Tweens for Christ

A preteen or tween’s struggles are no different from those of a teenager. Jennifer Pang, Preteens Ministry Coordinator, highlights that “tweens today are very caught up with school, tuition and enrichment classes.” Some are also having a hard time because of what is happening at home. 

As such, Peggy Chia, a student care centre superintendent, is very glad that our Preteens workers are spending time with some students at her centre through the Rainbow Programme. This programme supports tweens from broken families due to divorce or the death of one parent. The tweens are encouraged to speak about their hurts and pains. Preteens workers find ways to affirm them that they are special, just like those who come from intact families. Since the programme started, Peggy found that some students have become more responsive and open to share.

Besides running Rainbow, the Preteens team organise art and craft, as well as sports sessions for tweens at student care centres. They also assist children with their schoolwork. Faith Kwan, a supervisor from yet another student care centre, added that they would invite their children to Preteens Ministry events as the opportunities to mingle with other young people during these activities help them “learn to be good team players.”

Joseph (right) with a student at Maker’s Factory this year

During these events, and when the Lord provides the opportunity, our staff share the gospel with the tweens they meet. Some have responded that they are interested to find out more about the Christian faith. When that happens, our staff would inquire with the parents if they are agreeable to let us meet with their children for evangelistic bible studies. With the parents’ consent, Jennifer and her staff would meet with the tweens. After a recent June holiday programme, five tweens prayed to ask the Lord into their lives and are studying the Bible with our staff!

The usual scene at a youth centre, with the group of students

No one is too young to hear or share the gospel. Through Tweens TAG (Talking About God), our Preteens team equip tweens to be witnesses for God. Jaslyn Leong, a pastoral staff in Church of Singapore (Marine Parade), started working with Preteens Ministry to encourage their Sunday School children to share their faith. She highlights, “The children were very excited about the methods the staff taught them. They went back to their schools and attempted to share the gospel. This is a good start to encourage them to talk about God with their friends.”

A Preteens Maker’s Factory Session

For Lisa Sim from Charis Methodist Church, other than getting the children excited for evangelism, Tweens TAG also educated them about the 10/40 window and needs around the world. She is praying the children will be bold to share the gospel with others and they can be part of the church mission trips planned for upper primary tweens. 

This year’s Preteens Project Serve team with the staff: 
Zac, Charil, Jennifer, 
Qiuyue, Rae

It is our desire to reach more younger ones for Christ. We are constantly on the look-out for new and more avenues to come into contact with tweens and their parents. We seek your prayer and help.

What kind of help is Preteens Ministry in need of?

□ Small group facilitators throughout the year for Rainbow Programme and TAG

□ Mathematics and English tutors

If you run a student care centre, do contact Jennifer Pang at 91763776 or email her at to explore if any of our programmes and sessions are suitable for your tweens.

Joyce (back row, right most) writes for Reach, and also is in the SJM team