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Heartbeat 2021

Next year, our younger executive leadership team will take up the responsibility to take SYFC into its next lap. Here, they share their passion and petitions, coveting your prayer and support. “For 2021, what is one thing 
you hope to see in 
your area of ministry?”
 “I desire our Secondary Junior College and Poly Ministry…
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Introducing A Younger Leader: James Lee

A new leadership team will take SYFC into the years ahead from 2021 onwards. In each issue of Reach this year, we will introduce each of this band of servants, that you may know their heartbeat and pray for them. James Lee attended SYFC club meetings occasionally as a secondary school student. At an evangelistic…
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Changes in the Youth Culture

Our young generation is caught in an era of rapid change, with globalization and technology affecting the way they live. They are ‘connected’ to one another, primarily through the internet and social media, but not in person. Many seem to embrace inclusivity, which they believe gives them more exposure to differing views and perspectives. However,…
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