Heartbeat 2021

Next year, our younger executive leadership team will take up the responsibility to take SYFC into its next lap. Here, they share their passion and petitions, coveting your prayer and support.

“For 2021, what is one thing 
you hope to see in 
your area of ministry?”

“I desire our Secondary Junior College and Poly Ministry workers to be well anchored to Jesus our Rock yet geared to the times, boldly embracing new challenges with perseverance and tenacity, equipping Christian youth to reach their peers. May God grant us favour to build a culture of Personal Evangelism at all levels and connect with more youth through various social media platforms.”

James Lee, SJM and Poly Ministries, part of Continual, Organic and Responsible Evangelism (C.O.R.E.)

“In 2020, YG Ministry took on a physical and digital hybrid to reach youth-at-risk, reflecting our relentless pursuit of them with the gospel, in love and in reliance on God. May these virtues continue to shape YG’s character in 2021. COVID-19 disruptions also did not dampen the ITE Ministry, instead it fueled their creativity. They organised an online, ‘Digital Pasar Malam’, a heartlander approach during the lockdown when community engagement was visibly absent. May this team continue to foster a warm family-environment for more ITE youth to discover Christ through authentic friendship with them.”

Laurent Tan, Youth Guidance and ITE Ministries, C.O.R.E. 

“One thing I desire to see in EDGE for 2021 is ‘BOLDNESS’, even to fail. In the new norm, if we do not have the BOLDNESS to try new things, involve new people and innovate based on the resources we have at hand, then we will be phased out.”

Tee Ee Han, Sports, Digital and Enrichment elements, Evolving and Digital Generation Evangelism (E.D.G.E.) Ministry

“God willing, Preteens Ministry will have opportunities to reach more children from our mainstream, while not neglecting our current outreach to preteens-at-risk. With God’s help, we plan to work with student care centres to reach a more diverse group of children. For our missions outreach, through the COVID-19 crisis, God led us to successfully reach more preteens through online learning and henceforth, online reading will play a key role in our approach.”

Stephanie Tan, former Executive Director, Preteens Ministry adviser, C.O.R.E (During the pandemic, she sat in leadership planning sessions)

“God willing… we will see a progressive digital migration of our current STEM processes with the intent to streamline our work processes further; have interns (university graduates) to support us in this digital migration; and send STEM staff for digital skill training to stay relevant.”

Eric Teo, Support, Teaching and Engagement Ministries (S.T.E.M.)

“In this time of uncertainty, I would like to see SYFC embrace new ways of sharing the Good News. The ways we have been going about it may no longer work given the new normal. We need to be found in the ‘world’ where young people are to tell them about the Kingdom of God, like the eGaming and Social Media ‘worlds’. We have to get out of our comfort zone to explore these new ‘worlds’ and new forms of engagement to evangelise our youth. 

And while doing this, I pray we will continue to grow in the knowledge of the Word and in our gratitude for the grace offered to us so freely for our salvation.”

Richard Tan, National Director, 2021 onwards

As Richard steps into the shoes of his predecessors, with the younger team, we seek your ardent prayer and support, thanking God for each of our national director since our inception:

  1. Mr Liew Kee Kok
  2. Mr Daniel Ee
  3. Mr Andrew Goh – Mr Cyril Ward (acting executive director)
  4. Mr Albert Lee
  5. Mr Christopher Tan
  6. Mr Lim Chien Chong
  7. Mr Richard Tan
Our Recent board Meeting with The New Executive Leadership team inside. Spot some familiar faces if you can!