Big Lessons in Small Matters

What a year! COVID-19 descended upon us unexpectedly on 23rd January, transformed the way we interact with each other, the way we work and made face mask an essential part of our clothing whenever we go out.

In the early days, a lot of uncertainties were abounding and rumours were WhatsApp-ing around, leading to panic-buying. Recognising the danger of such false information circulating, our government set up the WhatsApp Chat so we could get reliable and timely information. In the midst of all sorts of voices we might receive in our chat groups of which we may not know which one to listen to, now we have one trustworthy source to evaluate the rest of the cries we are hearing. What an assurance!

In this increasingly chaotic fallen world, our youths are not spared! They are bombarded by different voices from various digital platforms they are engaged in, telling them their worth, shaping their values and directing their pursuits. Some of them may be aware of these misleading influences, but many get swept along and believe these assertions.

They need to know which Voice the reliable one is, and to listen and tune in to this Voice – that of our Sovereign and Omniscient God who not only knows all things but directs all affairs on earth. His words declare what true reality is and what is truly important.

As we head into a new year, we seek to remain faithful in guiding and encouraging our youths to tune in to God’s Voice through His authoritative Word – only then will they be able to discern truth from lies and responsibly pass on what is reliable to others, just like what the government is doing for us during COVID-19.

Chew Suan serves in STEM and teaches God’s Word.