Project Serve 2019: 2 More Stories


“I joined Project Serve as I wanted to serve God after getting my diploma. I also wanted to figure out how I could merge my interest for creative arts with evangelism and meet with like-minded people. Throughout the six months in Project Serve, I learned to trust the Lord to provide for me. Moreover, my perspective in evangelism broadened as I saw how I could use everyday things to share the gospel. For instance, through rock climbing, I learned that each piece of equipment has its unique purpose and each of us is created with a purpose too!”

Zhou Lijing, 21, a university student. Her Project Serve stint was from January-June 2018. She served with EDGE Ministry and worships at Word International Ministries.

Amos (front right in black)

“After I finished my ‘O’ levels, I applied for a part-time job at three retail stores but they all rejected me. I approached my mentor in church for advice as to what I should do from January to March and he told me about Project Serve. He had joined the Serve programme in the SYFC Polytechnic Ministry about 10 years ago. I decided to do it! Project Serve provided me a loving environment for growth since no one judged me for what I did not know and could not do. Everyone was very supportive and bit by bit, I found myself growing and learning how I could better serve the Lord.”

Amos Soon, 17, a polytechnic student. He was a Project Servant with SJM from January-March 2018 and worships at Queenstown Baptist Church.