Digitally Speaking

“Daddy, can I use the iPad?” asked Lauren, my 6-year old daughter.  
“Why?” I replied.  
She said, “I want to learn some origami from YouTube.”  
I loaned her the iPad and off she went to learn origami with her elder sister. 

Two days later, Lauren came to me again excitedly. 
“Daddy! I folded a crocodile!”
“Wow! Nice! Which channel did you learn this from?” I asked.
She answered, “I invented it myself!”

Lauren’s Crocodile

This is the new Generation Z for whom the internet and social media are available at a very young age. For me to learn origami at six, I would have to depend on my parents to buy me an instruction book and then make time and effort to decipher the forward or reverse folds marked in it.  Now, Lauren follows someone demonstrating it in a video. Gaining knowledge is made easier for this digital generation – information is at their fingertips and technology is accessible. Our youths become reasonably skilled in more areas and it can get increasingly difficult to ‘WOW’ them.

You can see this in the cinematic qualities of YouTube videos. Some professional YouTubers upload one video a day, which is not an easy thing to do. My friends in corporate social media only need to upload two or three videos a week. To have a strong social media presence that influences young people, SYFC would need the suitable social media team to produce and upload two-three videos a week. We are not there yet but God willing, we can catch up. We hope to equip and enable this generation to reach their peers for Christ, encouraging them to use the latest technology and trends that they and their friends are so familiar with.

Thank God, unlike technology and trends, He is the ever-faithful God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Pray with us to be able to keep abreast with this generation of young people as we proclaim the gospel to them.

Richard Tan
E.D.G.E. Ministry Coordinator

Corrine, Ashlee, Lauren and Richard (Left to right) Celebrating Lauren’s birthday!