Through The Lens of a Full-Time Staff

I came to know Singapore Youth for Christ (SYFC) during my ITE days and rededicated my life to Jesus during one of its events. A staff met me regularly for Bible study. Subsequently I joined the ministry meetings on Friday evenings. I ‘progressed’ from being an observer to a key Christian student, then to a key volunteer. During those days, my SYFC friends and I spent most of our weekends either in the SYFC office or at events. Even on Sundays, we hung out together after service.

I was always very inspired and encouraged by the staff and leaders in Career Youth Ministry (CYM, the team who reached ITE youths in SYFC in the late 90s). They devoted their time, resources and energy for the work of the gospel with young people. I told God I wanted to be like them, using my time purposefully to make an impact on young people. After graduation, I continued to serve alongside them. Today I am a full-time staff.

During these 29 years, the Lord has used SYFC to make a difference in my life, from the way I share the gospel, to the way I relate with my co-workers, raise my three children and now in caregiving to my elderly parents. I thank God for sending different people into my life at different seasons to nurture and encourage me to live out the gospel I love.

Jennifer (2nd from right, seated) at a CYM event in 1997!

A Family Selfie!

A smiling shot of Zemilia and Jennifer together at volunteers’ day 2014