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Through the Lens of a Friend in Ministry

By Bernard Chua Back in 1976, I first joined a SYFC club in my school when I was in secondary two. I remember that we met at a church near our school every Friday for Bible studies and fellowship. After a year, I became the president of the club and continued joining the weekly meetings…
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Through The Lens of a Full-Time Staff

I came to know Singapore Youth for Christ (SYFC) during my ITE days and rededicated my life to Jesus during one of its events. A staff met me regularly for Bible study. Subsequently I joined the ministry meetings on Friday evenings. I ‘progressed’ from being an observer to a key Christian student, then to a…
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Through The Lens of an Evangelist

“Why does mankind always seek for answers?” was my classmate’s response to my whining, when I expressed frustration at trying to understand a lecture on Human Anatomy. While I was taken by surprise by her question, it occurred to me that it was an open door for a conversation about the yearning in the hearts…
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