Some Things Are Worth Passing On

Some things are worth preserving, not just for sentimental reasons but for their lasting values. 

We all like to receive wisdom that will stand the test of time. And we desire to pass such wisdom on.

What can you pass on to someone that is not culture-bound or time-bound?

In 2 Timothy 3:14, Paul impressed on Timothy to “continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed.” This was probably Paul’s last letter before he died. He emphasized the importance of not deviating from the Word of God, which had shaped Timothy since he was young. This is one essential SYFC has held to from the beginning.

Since 1957, SYFC has been sharing the gospel with young people. While our approaches change with the times, we have proclaimed the same gospel as laid out in the Bible. We will not compromise by making the gospel palatable or likeable. We are geared to the times but anchored to the Rock.

So year after year, we shape Christian youths with the unchanging gospel so that, in turn, they will take it with them and pass it on wherever the Lord will lead them.

As SYFC prepares for a leadership transition in 2021, there are other fundamentals we will adhere to. Read about them in this edition of Reach.