Salt and Light

Jesus calls his disciples salt of the earth and light of the world (Matthew 5:13-16). In essence, He wants us to preserve the right values, influence the people around us positively and by our behaviour and works, lead them to see God.

Daniel Ng, a SJM volunteer and Ruth Teo, a student have been faithfully doing just that with those whom God has placed in their lives.

Daniel with Family Members

Daniel (left most) with his family at his baptism

For many years, my mother used to invite my father, who is not a Christian, to her Bible study group. So far, he has not gone. Last year, my mother found out I was reading the Bible with my friends in school, and planted the thought that I could read the Bible with my family members. For a long time, I didn’t dare to act upon it as I worried that my father would say ‘no’. Finally, I decided I could not delay it further and WhatsApp my family chat group, asking if we could read the Bible together every Wednesday night. To my surprise, everyone replied ‘ok’!

We have been reading the book of Mark since. I thank the Lord for the opportunities to encourage my father to know Jesus rather than to just know about Him. I was also able to help my younger brother understand better what it means to be Jesus’ follower. Initially, I was worried the Bible studies would be awkward but thank God that so far every meeting has been very fruitful.

Recently, during a lunch with my 70 year-old grandmother, she asked me what would happen to her ancestors if she became a Christian. I had to tell her in the gentlest way that our ancestors are not gods we should worship. As we were walking home, we passed by a manicure and pedicure shop, and she remarked that washing people’s feet is a dirty job. I took the chance to tell her that Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and she giggled. Opportunities to talk about Jesus is everywhere and anywhere!

Daniel (centre), sharing at Teensportz!

Ruth with Friends

Growing up as a Christian, I learnt to share the gospel with my friends. In primary school, I invited my closest friends to church. When I went to a mission secondary school, a group of us, Christians and non-Christians, gathered to pray for each other.When the PlayMax publicity team came to my school, I signed up with a group of friends. At the event, I shared the gospel with them but some of them did not think religion was important for them.

Now that I am in junior college, my friends around me think very deeply. When conversations about life purpose and religion come up, I would ask if they have a religion and if they know who Jesus is. I don’t always get positive responses. Some would ask very difficult questions that discouraged me. My strongest discouragement came from a Christian brother who told me not to share the gospel in my college or I would be hated.

In those moments, I would turn to the Life Group from my school to find support and encouragement to press on. The Lord taught us we will face difficulties when we talk about Him but He promises to be with us till the very end of the age. Although sharing the gospel is not easy, I love my friends so much that I want them to know the truth. I pray to God for wisdom and opportunities to do so.

Ruth (left), with our SJM staff Jessica

As you read Daniel and Ruth’s stories, be encouraged to talk about Jesus where you are. Let’s not be salt that loses its saltiness nor a lamp that is covered by a basket.

Life Group, an aspect of SJM
It is a regular small gathering of Christians who meet together to pray for one another, for friends who do not know Jesus and to encourage one another in God’s Word.

Joyce serves in the Secondary School and Junior College Ministry (SJM).