None Excluded, None Beyond Reach


Christians are to put away “anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk” and “not lie” to one another. Such behaviors are due in part to ethnic or racial (“Greek and Jew”), religious (“circumcised and uncircumcised”), cultural (“barbarian, Scythian”) and economic (“slave, free”) divisions in any society. Prejudices are reinforced, making it hard to bridge barriers.

But Christians are in a family where Jesus “is all, and in all” – He is all that matters and He unites all people. Racial, religious, cultural or economic distinction no longer matter. Jesus came, by His death and resurrection, to wipe out these divides! No more distinctions!

From its beginning, the gospel of Jesus is without boundary in terms of who get to hear it or who get in. This understanding has implications for the kinds of young people we reach. And so,

– We reach all kinds of youth – troubled, mainstream or in their niches. None is excluded.

– We dare not decide who can be reached or who cannot because every youth needs the gospel. Wherever and whenever young people can be found and however they are ‘labeled,’ we will do all that is necessary to reach them.

– None is beyond reach as far as the gospel is concerned.

In Christ, no boundaries, no divides.