New Staff in SYFC: SJM!

Lee Huiting

Huiting’s time as a staff is spent mostly in telling young people about the Lord Jesus in different settings and equipping Christian young people to do the same. This year, she participated in the churning out of a material for our Good Friday evangelistic campaign.

Compared to her volunteer days, she has more time and energy to interact with youths. On a few occasions, she met those who were genuinely interested to discover more about Christianity but their parents did not allow them to meet up again. Others changed their minds because something more exciting came up. She felt disappointed and weary. 

However, a ‘deep conversation’ about life with a 14-year-old girl encouraged her. Besides her studies, the girl was facing the pressure to fit in and shine socially, while dealing with others’ opinions of her. She disregarded them but her friends were deeply affected by the insensitive and hurtful remarks other classmates had made. It was a ‘toxic’ environment to grow up in. Huiting prays for the day she could tell this girl the Lord’s love. She reflects, “If I was not in full-time, perhaps I would not have met her, and would not have had that talk with her.”

Upon her graduation from university in mid-2017, Lee Huiting, 25, worked at a few jobs and finally in January 2019, joined us full-time in the Secondary School & Junior College Ministry. 

“I find it a pity that one would let go of something so precious,” says Zhuo Hongguo.

During his two years in full-time, Hongguo was saddened whenever youths decided against committing their lives to the Lord after spending time to read and explore the Bible. “They understand the preciousness of the gospel as stated in Romans 8, yet other things in their lives diminish the preciousness of the gospel, leading them to reject Christ.”

However, Hongguo was encouraged when a shy and quiet youth transformed! This youth was always passionate about sharing the gospel with his friends, yet dared not do it. Through many Bible studies and working out what he had learnt, Hongguo journeyed with him through his fears and lack of courage. Today he even speaks with strangers about Jesus! God worked this change in his heart.

Hongguo has also come to understand God’s Word deeper, teaching in both SYFC and church. In the Secondary School and Junior College Ministry (SJM), Hongguo plans and encourages the ministry’s overall evangelism effort and come up with ideas to mobilise more Christian youths in evangelism in two SJM clusters.

Whether on his own or leading the SJM team in evangelism, Hongguo wants to keep on sharing with young people the “preciousness of the gospel.”

Zhuo Hongguo, 26, graduated from polytechnic, went to the army and joined SYFC full-time in March 2017, after a Project Serve stint. He is a member of Emmaus Evangelical Free Church and serves as a Youth Fellowship leader and as a worship leader.