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here nor 
there but
in Christ!

The Tween Years; An age of opportunity before teen-age
 Our 10 – 12 year olds go through a period of ambiguity, reflected perhaps in the term ‘Preteens’. This term has no literal character of its own; it takes reference to ‘Teens’. The alternative ‘Tweens’ is more reflective of their awkward position – somewhere in between…
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Changes in the Youth Culture

Our young generation is caught in an era of rapid change, with globalization and technology affecting the way they live. They are ‘connected’ to one another, primarily through the internet and social media, but not in person. Many seem to embrace inclusivity, which they believe gives them more exposure to differing views and perspectives. However,…
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Why Organic?

C.O.R.E. stands for Continual Organic Responsible Evangelism. You may wonder why organic? A growing plant or animal is described as organic when no artificial chemical has been added to it. It also means being or coming from a living thing. Applied in our context, organic refers to our desire, first of all, that every Christian…
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