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God’s Providence Through Times of Change

In all these years in SYFC, getting hold of resources, stewarding them wisely and producing youth-relevant packages and programmes are constant challenges. But still, we thank God for providing. 
God’s People As God’s Main Source of Provision
 In 1981, SYFC implemented the Personal Support Scheme. All staff share in raising finances by writing about our…
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Partners in the Gospel

Journeying Together for Each Young Person The Secondary School and Junior College Ministry (SJM) constantly reaches out to youths and enables Christian youths to reach out to others. We meet them through LIFE groups (school-based Christian gatherings) and Project Serve (vacation involvement program).
 Eve and Esther Lim, from Bethesda Katong Church, first knew about SJM…
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Finding our EDGE

Through the years, SYFC has been reaching restless juvenile delinquents, mainstream youths, and now increasingly, youths in specific interest groups like music and sports. The E.D.G.E ministry was birthed out of a desire to find more platforms to reach new niche young people groups. As we share two current initiatives, thank God with us and…
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