Saving Space Monkey

Saving Space Monkey – 19 May

Join us for a SPACE WAR!
This May, embark on a  space adventure to the moon to fight the Alpha Apes & save a species of monkeys from extinction!
*Goal: get the rare honey remedy from the enemy’s territory.
1.In a team of 6, select your SPACE IDENTITY.
1. Assault 🥊 – Fight the Alpha Apes, bring team to advance to enemy’s territory.
2. Specialist🔍 – Obtain clues and codes to locate and retrieve the HONEY.   
3. Engage in various Space-themed Games to obtain resources useful for the War!
Battle in various challenges including a unique game of PHONE LASER TAG. 📱
Challenge yourself to mind-boggling Best of Minute To Win It Games.⏱
4. Embark on the Cardboard Galactic War. 🎇 Fight & Conquer the apes & save the monkeys!
5. Celebrate your victory with a Space Party. Enjoy mouth watering *space-themed snacks*, take instastory -worthy photos with our *photo booth*! 

So what are you waiting for? Join us now at!

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Date: 19 May, Sat
Time: 1pm-5pm
Price: $12
Venue: Jubilee Church @Outram
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1. 2OFF sign up in groups of 3-4 and get $2 off!
2. SPACEFOOD6 sign up in teams of 6 and receive a package of Astronaut ice cream!