Redeeming Our Children’s Success with God

Dear Parent, Will your child have similar answers? How does he or she perceive success? Does he or she perceive success? Does he or she know what the Bible teaches about success? Redeeming Our Children’s Success With God In reminding and helping your youths succeed, parents need to point out that success is ultimately through…
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No Pain, No Gain

Moral of the story? Christian educator and author Howard Hendricks cautions parents not to bribe or threaten our children to get them to obey. What they need is firm, loving, and at times painful discipline. “Your primary concern is not what your children think of you now,but what they will think 20 years from now.”–…
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Motivating Your Teens

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”– Reinhold Niebuhr On the parents’ end, much frustration is also faced. Hear from our staff, Stephanie Tan, who is also a mother of two — a 16-year-old son…
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Family Fight

Age Of Opportunity Issue 1: Family Fight

None Excluded, None Beyond Reach

  Christians are to put away “anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk” and “not lie” to one another. Such behaviors are due in part to ethnic or racial (“Greek and Jew”), religious (“circumcised and uncircumcised”), cultural (“barbarian, Scythian”) and economic (“slave, free”) divisions in any society. Prejudices are reinforced, making it hard to bridge…
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Broadening Our Scope, Stretching Our Range

SYFC first reached troubled youths, then mainstream secondary school youths. We moved on to reach college and post-secondary teens. Today, we are stretching to connect with unique sub-groups among them. Among troubled youths, Youth Guidance Ministry Coordinator, Laurent Tan and his staff minister to those whose parents are incarcerated. He shares, “About 15 of them…
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Big Lessons in Small Matters

One important lesson I’ve learned recently comes from 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 or to put it simply, “Something that is worth doing is only worth doing in the attitude of love and faith.” It is a truth that I understood better in the past couple of months and the long-term work of the Holy Spirit within…
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Introducing A Younger Leader: James Lee

A new leadership team will take SYFC into the years ahead from 2021 onwards. In each issue of Reach this year, we will introduce each of this band of servants, that you may know their heartbeat and pray for them. James Lee attended SYFC club meetings occasionally as a secondary school student. At an evangelistic…
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New Staff in SYFC

Since I joined SYFC full-time a year ago, I have many opportunities to work among preteens, locally and overseas. It is mainly because of my desire to focus fully on evangelism amongst preteens that I took this step of faith.   
At first, I was not used to our different ‘categories’ of evangelism. I did not quite…
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Reaching Tweens for Christ

A preteen or tween’s struggles are no different from those of a teenager. Jennifer Pang, Preteens Ministry Coordinator, highlights that “tweens today are very caught up with school, tuition and enrichment classes.” Some are also having a hard time because of what is happening at home. 
 As such, Peggy Chia, a student care centre…
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