Geared to
 the Times,
 to the Rock:
What does 
it mean for
 SYFC today?

It can be difficult to accept or adapt to change simply because we do not like our boats to be rocked. However, with rapid leaps in technology that massively change the way we communicate, we need to understand our times and stay relevant to today’s youth. 
 Pray for us as we step out of…
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Big Lessons in Small Matters

I am one of the few staff workers in SYFC who do not own a laptop and often forget my username and password! I am thankful that for the three times I needed to change my desktop computer, I have a tech-savvy nephew to help and when he was overseas, a kind ex-volunteer educated me,…
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Introducing a Younger Leader:

In 1994, Eric Teo, a very young Christian, went to a SYFC event, ‘Star or Sotong’. At 13, he was studious, timid and reserved. This event turned out to be the first of many for him. The following year, he became a student volunteer and was involved right up till his polytechnic days. While in…
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Protected: Grad Serve Letter April 2020

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Are We Praying For Our Children?

As good Christians, we all know that prayer is a fundamental aspect of our faith. Yet, the reality paints a different picture: it has been said that an average of just 10% of the church’s congregation attend the weekly prayer meeting. Could our attitude towards the family of God reflect our attitude towards our immediate…
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Are We Raising A Strawberry Generation?

We used to call them Generation Y, but in recent years, a more popular label has been used to refer to post-1980s children all over the world, including Singapore. It’s called the strawberry generation. Here’s why: Just as strawberries look good on the outside but get bruised easily, so too are post-1980s children. In practical…
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Does the King of Kings and Lord of lords Reign Supreme?

Will the day come when the ordinary student and teacher fear going to school because the authority structure has broken down? Will the day come when schools have to employ security personnel to enforce order among students? Judging from what is happening among many developed countries, this day may come to our own society if…
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Redeeming Our Children’s Success with God

Dear Parent, Will your child have similar answers? How does he or she perceive success? Does he or she perceive success? Does he or she know what the Bible teaches about success? Redeeming Our Children’s Success With God In reminding and helping your youths succeed, parents need to point out that success is ultimately through…
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No Pain, No Gain

Moral of the story? Christian educator and author Howard Hendricks cautions parents not to bribe or threaten our children to get them to obey. What they need is firm, loving, and at times painful discipline. “Your primary concern is not what your children think of you now,but what they will think 20 years from now.”–…
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Motivating Your Teens

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”– Reinhold Niebuhr On the parents’ end, much frustration is also faced. Hear from our staff, Stephanie Tan, who is also a mother of two — a 16-year-old son…
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