Introducing: A Younger Leader: Laurent

When and how did you come into SYFC full-time?

I came in at 35, in 2015. When considering this step, I read ‘The SYFC Story’, our memoir of 50 years of history. Her ethos in reaching youths resonated with me and I knew instantly this was the right choice for me.

Has coming in older been a help or hindrance for you?

As a volunteer for three years in Youth Guidance, I learnt many things from this community, including the younger workers. Being older, I could appreciate diversity and differing opinions.

Why reach troubled youth?

Growing up, I had my fair share of troubles and unsettling moments at home and in school. As a youth, the good news of Jesus helped me to make sense of life and give a Christlike response to situations and people around me. Since then, I often longed to help young people, especially the vulnerable, work through their uncertainties.

What are your roles in the Executive Leadership Team (ELT)?

The insights and resources I gained from our discussions on shared goals and strategies benefit the Institute of Technical Education and Youth Guidance Ministries I oversee. With other ministry leaders in 2020, I oversee big-scale outreaches like e-gaming tournament and Celebrate Christmas in Singapore.

Share a challenge you are facing in the ELT?

Both work and people matter. My ELT role allows me to work on SYFC’s evangelism approaches from a macroscopic view, while simultaneously looking into the lives and welfare of fellow workers and students with close-up lens. Such responsibilities compel me to seek God for wisdom and patience.

What is the particular edge you bring to this leadership team?

I enjoy working on new initiatives and organisational planning. I could possibly contribute to assist the ELT team in adopting new initiatives and facilitating decisive actions.

In the light of Covid-19, how ready is SYFC to ‘meet’ youths today? 

The Covid-19 disruptions expose what we know about young people, and more significantly, what we do not know about them. Embracing an unknown domain is the best place for growth and new opportunities. As we share information, initiatives and processes among our ministries and with other organisations, we bring the best out of us and fuel much-needed innovation and change.

Share a recent encouragement from your ministry.

En Zhong and Ganet, whom I have kept up with, joined project serve earlier this year. I never imagined this when I first knew them as mentees five years ago. Two ex-project servants, Ying Ci and Kenneth, checked in with me during circuit-breaker, asking about my family’s needs.

What is your prayer as you manage responsibilities at home, in church and in SYFC?

That I will live out these words, “Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” (Philippians 2:3)

Laurent (top) and his wife, Wendy (Left), have two daughters, Persis (5, Right) and Prisca (3, Middle) and a Cavalier dog, Walkfee (not in picture). They love food, cooking and savouring it. Hence Persis hopes Daddy can be a chef one day.