From the National Director

The glory of young men is their strength,
gray hair the splendor of the old.

Proverbs 20:29

  The Bible characterizes young men by their energy. This strength is a real big plus factor. However, from experience, we have also seen how this energy can turn destructive, resulting in significant negative effects. It is important then that a young person learns to harness this energy and strength to what matters. The One who teaches us about young men’s strength, is also the One who teaches us to “Remember our Creator in the days of our youth”.

As taught in Ecclesiastes, it is important that people learn to acknowledge our Creator God especially when they are young. Hence, our work is essentially given to helping young people hear the gospel and encouraging other young people to share the gospel.

In SYFC, we reach all the different kinds of youth for Jesus (that’s why we are called Youth for Christ). We hold strongly to the caption that if we don’t win their hearts today, they’ll break our hearts tomorrow. We also identify ourselves with the imageries of the gear and the anchor; that is, we are geared to the times and anchored to the rock.

But to be truly geared to the times, we need to be different today. We may not be running big rallies or club meetings (like we used to). But in different ways, we are still working hard to provide young people these gospel opportunities so that they can grow to be what God wants them to be, and to do what God wants them to do. The task continues to be challenging with the rising cost and rapid changes but this just keeps us on our toes and also on our knees!

We thank God for leading SYFC since 1957. It is still our prayer that a lot more young people can have the opportunities to hear and share the good news. It is also our prayer the gospel is more clearly and holistically presented. We are still looking out for young people who would believe in Jesus and are willing to be used by God to change the world. In the past, we have been focusing on the work of evangelism ‘ourselves’. In the coming years, we pray that we can extend the work of youth evangelism by working with partners in the work.

We are constantly amazed by the good hand of God in the work of youth evangelism. Pray and stand with us to keep the passion burning for the work of reaching our youth for Christ.