Big Lessons in Small Matters

On a recent visit to Myanmar, I visited the grave of Ann Judson, wife of Adoniram Judson, the first Protestant missionary from North America to Burma. One could easily miss the modest signpost in Kyaikkami pointing the way up a side street to the small Baptist church grounds where her body is buried. Though the marker to her grave was difficult to find, her contribution to the Church in Myanmar is unmistakably visible.

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Big Lessons in Small Matters

Once in primary school, a Bookworm Club book fair visited my school. As an avid reader, I longed to buy a few books after receiving an order sheet listing attractive titles and their prices. To my disappointment, I realised my pocket money was insufficient to buy them. Moreover, I had assumed that my pocket money was all my parents were willing to give and I should not ask for more. Read More

Faithful to the End

60 years sounds like a long time but to many, those years passed in a flash. When we recall our energy, fervour and gung-ho spirit while serving God when younger, we smile and say, “those were the days…”. Well, SYFC went through sixty years and boy, did we have a wonderful time, catching up and reminiscing among friends on 1 September 2017 at our 60th Anniversary Thanksgiving Cum Fundraising Dinner! Read More

Through the Lens of: PlayMax Edition

Through the lens of…

Rachel Ang, Tan Yu Hui and Yukino (Back row, second, third and fourth from the right)

Of Three Participants
‘Someone publicised PlayMax: Outbreak! to us nearby our school and we decided to sign up as a team. We had lots of fun playing the games and enjoyed the skit as well. Although we are not Christians, we understand the message that you are trying to tell us; only God can fix the problem of sin in our lives.’
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