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Geared To The Times, Anchored To The Rock

Below is a list of our staff. If you want to encourage or support them financially, please click on their picture to do so.

Executive Leadership

Lim Chien Chong
National Director
Richard Tan
Assistant National Director
James Lee
ELT Member
Eehan Tee
ELT Member
Eric Teo
ELT Member
Laurent Tan
ELT Member

Student Based (C.O.R.E)

Victor Lum
Jim Leong
Jessica Tan
Joyce Peh
Zhuo Hong Guo
Rachel Wong
Carmen Chen
Chan Mei Yee
Sunny Tan
Jennifer Pang
Jolynn Wong
Joycelyn Cheong
Doreen Low
Johnny Gan
Yee Min Jia
Huang Kang Rui
Ronica Chua
Angela Ow
Stephanie Tan

Interest Based (E.D.G.E)

Titus Wong
Lionel Chan
Kimberly Tan
Jack Yam
Joel Choong

Admin & Support (S.T.E.M)

Li Wen Xing
Kathleen Cheong
Joan Eng
Low Pat Boon
Lonnie Chiang
Clarence Chong
Michael & Sooli Yong
Tan Chew Suan
Gn Chiang Tat