Youth Guidance Ministry

Geared To The Times, Anchored To The Rock

Youth Guidance (YG) is dedicated to evangelising at-risk preteens and teenagers. Reaching them often involves a highly relational process.  Beginning with building friendship, the YG staff establishes a helping process based on developing trust and goodwill, through a combination of sports, holiday programs, tuition, life skills and character development programs.

The work can be divided into two phases. In ‘the Intervention Phase’, Christian values and the Gospel are shared with the youth-at-risk as part of the helpng process. As God’s love works in their hearts, they are invited into ‘the Discipleship Phase’ where they are guided in Christian living and grounded in God’s Word. While this is the ideal progression, the journey with the youth-at-risk often requires patience and the ability to deal with hurt and grief from regression.