Our Financial Policy

Geared To The Times, Anchored To The Rock

Our Principle

We accept that giving our resources is a necessary part of our expression of what service to God is. We will do our best to ensure that all our ministry activities are self-supporting. We will be lean in our spending and avoid being wasteful or lavish. 1 Thess 2:9

We accept and willingly participate in raising our own financial support because we believe:

  1. It allows us to exercise our faith in God whom we believe provides for all our needs.
    2 Cor 9
  2. It allows those who support us financially to be in partnership with us in youth evangelism and in missions.
    Phil 1:5, cf 4:15-16
  3. It will benefit our financial supporters.
    Phil 4:17

Our Personal Support Scheme

The Personal Support Scheme (PSS) enables each staff to raise his/her monthly salary. A staff does this by approaching friends and Christian contacts to pledge to his/her salary on a regular basis.

The staff’s main responsibility towards his/her personal supporters is to share his/her ministry with them, both through letters and personal interaction regularly.

When a friend agrees to pledge, he/she receives a pledge book and is put on the SYFC mailing list.

When SYFC receives a pledge from one of the staff’s supporter, a receipt will be issued and the supporter will also be given regular updates of our ministry.