Whatever The Change, The Challenge Remains

By Lim Chien Chong

It is common for many of us who are older to be apprehensive about whether we are losing touch in reaching our younger generation. When we were younger, we thought older people never understood us. Ironically today, we hear young people say we do not understand them. It seems like the gap between older people and us then, is now separating us and young people today…and it is widening really fast.

The world has changed drastically. Within a span of 40 years, dial phones have changed to push-button phones to mobile phones and now, to smart phones. Besides rapidly advancing technology, there is the sweep of a post-modern worldview.

A concerned adult asked me, “What do we need to give to our young people so that they can live in today’s world?” My instinctive response was, “The good news of Jesus”. Regardless of the era we are in, the basic problem is still sin. Everyone still hungers for a true sense of purpose, belonging, identity and self-esteem; and it is only in Jesus we can find real answers.

Hence, keeping true to the content of the gospel and staying authentic in our relationship with young people remain key ingredients in youth outreach. Notwithstanding, learning to engage them by using their language and medium is extremely useful in order to connect with them effectively. In this regard, we need your constant support as it is harder and more costly to be geared to the times to reach today’s youth. More importantly, we need your prayers. Pray with us that the Lord will keep us anchored to the Rock, that we will always be centred on and passionate about the gospel of Christ and empathetic towards the youth whom we are seeking to reach.

Chien Chong, The National Director of SYFC, now leads the EDGE Ministries in developing new evangelism tools.

The Current Executive Leadership Team: (from left) Eehan, Richard, Chien Chong, Stephanie, James, Laurent, and Eric.