Teensportz 2018


Every year, more than 1,000 teenagers gather from all over this small island, from Jurong to Tampines, to compete against one another in the sports they love! Each team a myriad of skillsets and the possible plan to rule the game.

Grab your friends and your sports gear! TEENSPORTZ (TS) 2018 is a multi-sports competition where you will have fun, win medals and trophies while you learn important lessons for life.

Teensportz 2018 will offer Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tchoukball and Pool.


  1. Basketball (U18): 17 Mar
  2. Ultimate Frisbee (U21 and U18 Mixed): 29 May
  3. Basketball (U21 Men and U21 Women): 7 Jul @ Geylang Methodist Secondary School
  4. Tchoukball (U20 Mixed): 14 Jul @ ACE The Place CC
  5. Pool: 27 Oct

For Who?

Youths who play as enthusiasts, beginners or trained players.

Please Note

A Christian message will be shared on every competition day.

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