Through The Lens of an Evangelist

“Why does mankind always seek for answers?” was my classmate’s response to my whining, when I expressed frustration at trying to understand a lecture on Human Anatomy. While I was taken by surprise by her question, it occurred to me that it was an open door for a conversation about the yearning in the hearts of all men.

At the beginning of my school semester, I had prayed for opportunities to share Christ with my new classmates. That day, though I was in my complaining state of mind, God graciously provided a chance for me to share the Christian perspective to life. I stopped grumbling and shared with my classmate about the loving Creator whom I believe in.

Thank God for opening my eyes to that precious opportunity. I pray I’ll always be ready and sensitive to the opportunities God gives me to share the gospel with people around me. Also, when things get difficult, I should not be whiny but still be grateful to God.

Liqun (5th from right, first row) in Project Serve Camp 2016

Liqun (left, back row) with her Teensportz Team!

An early photo of Liqun (right) at a mission trip

Chen Liqun, 30, a working volunteer who has been sharing the gospel since her conversion 17 years ago.