Through the Lens of a Volunteer

By Joseph Wong

“Evangelism is at the core of every Christian’s calling. In whichever phase of life we all find ourselves in, each one is made to display and reflect God and His immeasurable love for us.”

It was through Project Serve that God taught me this truth and convicted me of the urgency to share the gospel.

As a project servant in Preteens Ministry, I was exposed to sharing the gospel with others and sharing gospel stories with children. It has been almost 2 years since I ‘graduated’ from the program and currently I volunteer occasionally at events.

Frankly, even after many rounds and having shared my faith with many (or even while doing it), I sometimes still feel indifferent towards this calling. Sometimes, I am just too caught up with my own comfort and problems that the urgency of someone else’s salvation just seems so unimportant.

Joseph meeting up with students

Yet God is so gracious to use my half-hearted (sinful) commitment to reach the children. I also learnt that we are called to evangelise but we cannot do it by our own strength. We need to be completely reliant on God to motivate and enable us to do so.