Through the Lens of a Friend in Ministry

By Bernard Chua

Back in 1976, I first joined a SYFC club in my school when I was in secondary two. I remember that we met at a church near our school every Friday for Bible studies and fellowship. After a year, I became the president of the club and continued joining the weekly meetings until my ‘O’ levels. We had so much fun then and we would always invite our friends to events such as Care-Can, where we went door-to-door to collect canned food for the less privileged.

Several years later, I found out that a fellow Sunday School teacher, Lionel Chan, was a full-time staff with SYFC (and he still is). He shared with me how he was actively reaching youths through sports and I was very interested to hear how he did it. Today, I still follow closely what he and SYFC are doing through the regular newsletter updates and give to the ministry whenever I can. 

The work of reaching young people is very important – getting them to know God when their hearts are still tender. Therefore, I am glad that I can support the work of bringing the gospel of Christ to more young people. 

Bernard (Left) with his family.

Bernard Chua is a supporter of the ministry and receives monthly updates through our newsletters.