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New Staff in SYFC

Since I joined SYFC full-time a year ago, I have many opportunities to work among preteens, locally and overseas. It is mainly because of my desire to focus fully on evangelism amongst preteens that I took this step of faith.   
At first, I was not used to our different ‘categories’ of evangelism. I did not quite…
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New Staff in SYFC: Pauline Koh and Michel Chong

In early 2018, the door at SYFC Youth Guidance was opened to me. After two months of prayerful consideration, I was convicted it was God’s call and timing for me to return to youth work, specifically among at-risk youths. I left full-time youth ministry work in my former church 12 years ago. One of my key…
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A First Step Out of the Prison Within

Youth Guidance (YG) Ministry reaches troubled youths, either delinquent or those in need, due to complex family situations, with the gospel. 
 In early 2019, YG conducted IGNITE, a series of eight 1.5 hours program for youth offenders at an institutional girls home. We equipped youths to be aware of their individual potential, gain basic…
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What Motivates a Youth to Change?

In Youth Guidance (YG) Ministry, we are often confronted with an inadvertent lack of focus, empathy and self-control among youths-at-risk. It is a common feedback when social workers and counsellors first refer them to us. Some years ago, we met ‘NL’ in a children shelter home. He was witty and sporty, displaying good ball control…
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Capturing Continuity

By Lionel Chan In this issue, Eunice Lim (EL), a working volunteer with Youth Guidance (YG) and Daniel Chong (DC), a student volunteer with Secondary School and Junior College Ministry (SJM) give an idea of what is required of them as they persisted in youth evangelism through their life transitions. When and how did you…
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