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Temporal Riches for Eternal Gains

How Christians handle earthly resources or “unrighteous wealth or money” (Luke 16:9, 11, 13) matters to God. For “one who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much” (v10). To be faithful, in this context, is to use physical means to benefit others who will “receive you into the eternal dwellings” (v9).…
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God’s Providence Through Times of Change

In all these years in SYFC, getting hold of resources, stewarding them wisely and producing youth-relevant packages and programmes are constant challenges. But still, we thank God for providing. 
God’s People As God’s Main Source of Provision
 In 1981, SYFC implemented the Personal Support Scheme. All staff share in raising finances by writing about our…
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Big Lessons in Small Matters

Just one day into the start of our nation’s Circuit Breaker (CB), SYFC staff had to attend a one-hour compulsory introduction and training to operate Zoom. At that point, none of us envisaged how significant that training would turn out to be. 
Our younger staff took to Zoom very quickly. Older staff like me had…
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Introducing: A Younger Leader: Laurent

When and how did you come into SYFC full-time? 
I came in at 35, in 2015. When considering this step, I read ‘The SYFC Story’, our memoir of 50 years of history. Her ethos in reaching youths resonated with me and I knew instantly this was the right choice for me. 
Has coming in older…
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