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Geared To The Times, Anchored To The Rock

New Staff in SYFC: Poly Edition

After I graduated from polytechnic, I joined GradServe. Through that four months, I came to experience and understand the need for polytechnic students to hear the gospel. I then decided to spend my first year after graduation in full-time service in the Polytechnic Ministry, giving my first fruits to God. I faced much opposition from…
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To Non Christians through Christians

To Non-Christians, through Christians is a phrase coined many years ago internally among our Polytechnic Ministry staff and volunteers to express in a nutshell our focus and direction in evangelism. Today, it is still often heard in our conversations and discussions The Polytechnic Ministry staff team comprises highly motivated, eclectic individuals from different backgrounds united…
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Big Lessons in Small Matters

When I was comparing myself with others who use their God-given talents to create content and start businesses to reach out with the gospel, I had thought I could be doing more for God instead of ‘wasting’ my time in university. I was scrambling to prevent my GPA from falling off a cliff and felt…
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Caught In Between

Polytechnic students are pressured to be competent, global-savvy young adults while lingering adolescent traits may get the better of them. It is a time of tension for while searching for their identity, insecurities develop or surface. With this backdrop, persisting in the work of evangelism among them can be easily overwhelming. In the quest to…
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Saving Space Monkey

Saving Space Monkey – 19 May Join us for a SPACE WAR!   This May, embark on a  space adventure to the moon to fight the Alpha Apes & save a species of monkeys from extinction! *Goal: get the rare honey remedy from the enemy’s territory.   1.In a team of 6, select your SPACE…
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