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Geared To The Times, Anchored To The Rock

New Staff in SYFC: Pauline Koh and Michel Chong

In early 2018, the door at SYFC Youth Guidance was opened to me. After two months of prayerful consideration, I was convicted it was God’s call and timing for me to return to youth work, specifically among at-risk youths. I left full-time youth ministry work in my former church 12 years ago. One of my key…
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New Staff in SYFC: Poly Edition

After I graduated from polytechnic, I joined GradServe. Through that four months, I came to experience and understand the need for polytechnic students to hear the gospel. I then decided to spend my first year after graduation in full-time service in the Polytechnic Ministry, giving my first fruits to God. I faced much opposition from…
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