Reflections of Project Serve 2018


I was planning to go to the polytechnic and so had about three months of holiday. Between going out to work and joining Project Serve, I decided to join Project Serve as I felt it was a more meaningful way to spend my time. If I wanted some work experience, I could always get it during internship. So I signed up for the three-month track and never regretted it. I realised that SYFC is a community who is very focused on reaching youths with the gospel. I really enjoyed my time with my brothers and sisters in Christ, learning and serving God together.

Elnathan Goa, 17, polytechnic student

Elnathan’s stint took place in January-March 2018 and he serves with the Secondary School and Junior College Ministry. He worships at Covenant Evangelical Free Church.


My church leaders encouraged me to join Project Serve but I didn’t know what to expect. So I went for the Welcome Tea and heard that I could learn to use art to share the gospel. I thought the idea was very cool! During Project Serve, we went for sketch walks and also conducted calligraphy classes for interested students. I was also involved in creating some animations for an immersive technology project. I was able to use what I like to do to serve the Lord. Before this year, I had already read through the New Testament two times but I didn’t understand what I was reading until I joined Project Serve. I learnt to read the Bible on my own and understand the gospel better than before.

Lim Xin Jie, 17, polytechnic student

Xinjie, centre, in black

Xin Jie served with the Edge Ministry during her Project Serve term from January-March 2018. She worships at Jurong Christian Church.