Why Organic?

C.O.R.E. stands for Continual Organic Responsible Evangelism. You may wonder why organic? A growing plant or animal is described as organic when no artificial chemical has been added to it. It also means being or coming from a living thing. Applied in our context, organic refers to our desire, first of all, that every Christian…
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Welcome tea for polytechnic students

Welcome Tea is a gathering for polytechnic year 1 Christians. How would you “walk the talk as a Christian” in the polytechnic that God has placed you in? Come and get to know other Christians from the same polytechnic and learn to serve God together in campus. Year 2 & 3 are also welcome too!…
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Saving Space Monkey

Saving Space Monkey – 19 May Join us for a SPACE WAR!   This May, embark on a  space adventure to the moon to fight the Alpha Apes & save a species of monkeys from extinction! *Goal: get the rare honey remedy from the enemy’s territory.   1.In a team of 6, select your SPACE…
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Through the Lens of a Volunteer

By Joseph Wong “Evangelism is at the core of every Christian’s calling. In whichever phase of life we all find ourselves in, each one is made to display and reflect God and His immeasurable love for us.”

Capturing Continuity

By Lionel Chan In this issue, Eunice Lim (EL), a working volunteer with Youth Guidance (YG) and Daniel Chong (DC), a student volunteer with Secondary School and Junior College Ministry (SJM) give an idea of what is required of them as they persisted in youth evangelism through their life transitions. When and how did you…
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Big Lessons in Small Matters

By Caroline Cheah It never dawned upon me how important relationships were till I entered into polytechnic.

Continual Youth Evangelism

By Laurent Tan Constant exposure to internet, mobile gaming and all forms of social media are influencing our youth’s development, causing short attention span and affecting their social and decision-making skills. Reaching youth today is getting more challenging and complex.  Gone are the days where youth are at risk when they physically hang out with the wrong kinds…
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Through the Lens of a Life Group Member

By Nicole Tan When I first joined a L.I.F.E. Group in Secondary 3, I learnt the importance of sharing my faith. Since I truly believed Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, I wanted my friends to know Him too. From SYFC, I learnt different and creative ways to present the gospel and…
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Whatever The Change, The Challenge Remains

By Lim Chien Chong It is common for many of us who are older to be apprehensive about whether we are losing touch in reaching our younger generation. When we were younger, we thought older people never understood us. Ironically today, we hear young people say we do not understand them. It seems like the…
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Across Time, But The Same Needs

By Yong Soo Li When my 95-year old mom heard that my 10-year old grandniece was on a school trip to China, she commented, “Hor mia.” (good life” in Teochew). I reminded mom when I was in primary school, she never knew the homework I had to complete but my grandniece’s teachers are in touch…
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