New Staff in SYFC: Pauline Koh and Michel Chong

In early 2018, the door at SYFC Youth Guidance was opened to me. After two months of prayerful consideration, I was convicted it was God’s call and timing for me to return to youth work, specifically among at-risk youths. I left full-time youth ministry work in my former church 12 years ago.

One of my key responsibilities is to oversee YG’s Home Outreach Work among girls. I work with a dedicated team of staff, interns and volunteers to come up with programs for the girls in the Institutional and Residential Homes.

I find YG work challenging and very fulfilling! I am particularly thankful that my family and some likeminded friends volunteer with us at YG. Recently, a YG preteen told me that Enoch, my eldest son, is his best friend – never mind that they only met each other on a few occasions! Enoch felt honoured. May God use Enoch to bless and point this preteen to Jesus through their friendship.

Pauline Koh, 38, is married to Kah Woon. They have two boys, Enoch and Eben. She holds a degree in social work and sociology, and a Master of Arts in Ministry. The family worships at Covenant Evangelical Free Church where she serves as a hospitality coordinator for 11-14 year olds in the youth ministry and teaches in the children’s program of her cell group.

I want to reach at-risk youths. I thank God I can contribute through Youth Guidance. I began as a project servant and thereafter was invited to come in full-time despite having zero experience.

At that time, I was looking for a new job and praying about what’s next. God deepened my burden for delinquent youths and showed me their needs. In particular, the testimony of a Hong Kong gangster touched me. I became clear about helping them when I reflected on how we tend to treat them in the same way we handle well-functioning rental bicycles – use them, then throw around, not bothering to take care of them. 
I desire to learn to share the gospel responsibly and well with at-risk youths, telling them Jesus made and values them, and gives true purpose and hope.

I thank God for helpful and patient co-workers who relate genuinely with me, encouraging me to grow. They are Christ-like in the way they live, inspiring me to love others and youths more.

Michel Chong, 28, joined YG full-time in December 2018. She is a member of Hope Church where she connects people who are new to the church. She holds a diploma in Food Science.