Let’s Keep Our Fundamentals

Besides COVID-19 and shifting our methods strongly online to keep our connection with youth, the year 2020 is significant for SYFC also because we saw our leadership in transition. In spite of these changes, we are ensuring our fundamental principles remain the same. 

Submitting to the Lordship of Christ

Being grounded in His Word 

Expressing our dependence on God and not on men, in Prayer

Spurring each other on in our Fellowship

Being a part of His Church 

Continuing to fulfill our call to Youth Evangelism


Our Ex-Staff Bee Lu, who currently serves in Our daily bread ministries.

Ex-staff, Koh Bee Lu, recalls that as our prayer coordinator from 1989 to 1992, she mobilised staff, volunteers and Christian students from various ministries as prayer pacesetters. For her, “Prayer is the privilege as a child of God, to come before Him, to know Him and depend on our Heavenly Father for everything!” Prayer was never a task for Bee Lu.

The SYFC family gather weekly to study the Word, thank the Lord for His work in and through us, and pray for upcoming ministry concerns and needs. Staff and project servants write to supporters monthly or bi-monthly that they may pray alongside us. While Bee Lu is now serving in a different ministry, she is convinced SYFC must continue to pray unceasingly in these unprecedented times.

The Word

Yong Jia En (centre) who joined Preteens Project Serve earlier this year

While awaiting entry into university, Yong Jia En joined the Preteens Project Serve from March to July 2020. “The weekly staff meetings, teaching, devotions, Bible consolidation and lessons with Chien Chong, Chew Suan and Ee Han, helped me to see a central figure in the Bible – Jesus Christ.” 

We faithfully spur young people like Jia En towards a closer walk with the Lord by opening up His Word to them and teaching them the tools to dig deeper on their own.


Kenneth Kwan, who serves actively in his own church, also runs his own consultancy company.

At 14, Kenneth Kwan asked the Lord into his life through the ministry of SYFC. This was followed by Bible study, prayer meeting and church. Later as a volunteer, he followed-up with students, ran events, camps and outreaches with brothers and sisters in Christ from other churches. In the process, he learnt to resolve disagreements and conflicts in a mature manner.

Through those experiences, he came to understand that Christian Fellowship is more than just Christians having fun or on an outing together. 

The Church

Over time as Kenneth’s work and family commitments grew, it became more challenging to continue volunteering actively in SYFC. As a result of his years of exposure here, he developed skills immediately helpful in his church roles. Despite running his own training consultancy now, he serves actively in his church Bible studies and cell groups, plans camp, trains and preaches, and serves on his church’s executive board..

Youth Evangelism

Vincent Chia, who still supports SYFC after his own experiences years ago.

As a boy growing up in a third-generation Christian home, evangelism was merely “head-knowledge” for Vincent Chia. In the early 90s, that changed when one month before national service, Vincent joined Project Serve with the then Junior College Ministry. “That one month allowed me to rub shoulders with faithful brothers and sisters in Christ, who were very focused on getting the gospel across to young people!” It was something that Vincent had never seen before, and it changed his life!

Years later, as a teacher, Vincent went on an overseas camp with his students. When their train got delayed for several hours, he and a few boys chatted. In that personal conversation, Vincent shared Christ with them. “Many years later, I received a message from one of the boys; he reminded me of that moment I spent with him on that train station and told me he accepted Christ.” That incident left Vincent with unspeakable joy!

Today, Vincent is married with two teenage children and still a teacher. He continues to support the work of sharing the gospel to this generation through SYFC in various ways.

In spite of changing youth trends and tastes, having to re-invent our face-to-face approaches and switch to digital platforms to keep on relating with youth, we continue to keep to the fundamentals that please the Lord and not stray from what He has called us to do.

Lionel Chan serves in EDGE ministry, doing sports! He continues to write for Reach through his years of service.