Introducing Our New Staff!

Sarah Koh, 29, joined the full-time team in mid-2019.

Sarah with her SJM Colleagues

What is your role?

I oversee, equip and support the Secondary School and Junior College Ministry (SJM) leaders and volunteers to grow stronger in sharing the gospel. I also focus on volunteers relating with youth in an intentional and authentic manner.

What led you to come in?

I was raised in a wonderful Christian family. However, when non-Christian college friends questioned why I was a Christian, I did not know why. I had never learned to explain why anyone else should be a Christian. I joined a L.I.F.E. group. Through the sessions, I realised I was a sinner with no way of saving myself no matter how much of a ‘good girl’ I was. I learnt to share the gospel. After college, I wanted to be for the next batch of students what L.I.F.E. group was for me.

During university days, I experienced great joy and grew spiritually as a volunteer. That period concretised my decision to spend my life reaching young people. While working in the market place, I still volunteered. Now I devote my working hours to youth evangelism.

Share an area of growth so far.

While I came in to do God’s work, God first wants to do a work in my proud and unloving heart. I get frustrated when co-workers don’t follow up well or despair when they don’t invest in relationships with youth. I was mistaken that if I pumped in the ‘right’ things (prayer, supervision, Bible study, evangelism tools), my co-workers would automatically love God and young people. Being a full-time staff has ‘messed up’ my ‘controllable’ world. I learn to trust God even in detours or delays and to realign my identity with what Christ has done for me and not with ministry results.

What keeps you going?

Every time I feel discouraged, my co-workers keep me going. They are my greatest blessing. Despite greater disappointments and pain in ministry during their years of full-time labour, they are staying the course. Their faithful presence and wise counsel “lift [my] drooping hands and strengthen [my] weak knees” (Hebrews 12:12).

What discourages you as you reach secondary school and junior college youth?

When youth whom I have poured my life into walk away, for instance non-Christians who discontinue reading the Bible and Christians who leave L.I.F.E group because “evangelism is not for them”, it’s heart-breaking. With each disappointment, I ask God to keep me trusting that His Word will not return void and my efforts are not wasted.

Sarah Koh and her husband, Kuo En Yi (an ex-SYFC volunteer) worship and serve among youth and young adults in Jurong Christian Church (Chinese). 
Before joining SYFC, she worked in a private sector company enabling investment financing into social enterprises.