Introducing A Younger Leader: Alex Tee Ee Han

At 13, Ee Han attended his first SYFC event and has been involved since 1995. After his national service in 2006, he explored full-time involvement as a project servant, thinking that he would ‘try it out’ for three years only. It has been 14 years now.

What are you responsible for in the executive leadership team?

I lead EDGE ministry and look into the overall development of staff, key students and volunteers.

How do you see SYFC moving ahead in the next five years?

We have to move towards being at the Digital forefront, yet not losing the Relational aspect. So we need to strengthen our traditional approach of meeting and engaging youths face-to-face, and establish a presence in cyberspace to be accessible and current with them.

What motivates you to be a part of this younger team of leaders?

I came to know the Lord through SYFC. Having learnt from different people, it’s my time to ‘give back’ and continue contributing to youth evangelism as I grow older.

What do you have to give up most to do more in SYFC?

My personal preferences. I prefer to lead and focus on small groups but now I have to think broader and lead a much bigger team of people.

How has the Lord prepared you over the years for this role?

Having served with different leaders, I have good examples to imitate. While co-leading the Secondary Junior College Ministry for three years, I learnt the rudiments of our direct work with students. After getting married, I am more relational and exercise greater leadership even when it is difficult. I have to do what pleases the Lord, regardless of how I feel. In the process, I enjoy the fruits of being more relational and better leadership

What is your particular area of contribution to the leadership team?

Breadth of experience. Having the grassroot experience from the past and even up till now, I can help ground the team as we chart forward.

Do you have a passion to reach a particular type or group of youth?

I love basketball and have been using it for youth evangelism. As a certified basketball coach, I recognise much more can be done with and for the basketball fraternity.

Tee Eehan (in white) coaching youth at basketball court.

How has it been for you in terms of results in ministry?

I led a young man when he was student, then he grew to be a volunteer and now serves as a staff. Another served with me as a student and now as a volunteer, he actively serves God in SYFC and his church. Many students I guided are now grown up; some married and some supporting me in the work financially. Ministry work is like farming – some yield a good crop and some don’t. God causes the growth. I just need to be faithful, wait and see what He will do.

Who is your favourite Bible character and why?

I see in Nehemiah a great amount of faith and willingness to do what the Lord put before him. Compared to him, I lack the courage to take on work that seems big and overwhelming to me as I tend to see problems more than solutions. I also learn the leadership principle of involving people to complete God’s work. It is not a one man show but a community effort.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

Generally I am an active person so I like to play basketball, exercise and play mobile games. But I also like to spend time with my wife, my niece and nephew, and other extended family members.

Ee Han (right) and Joawen (left) married in 2016. He is a deacon of Emmaus Evangelical Free Church where he serves in the People Group and Missions arm, leads the Young Adults Ministry, leads worship and preaches one to two times a year.