Geared To The Times, Anchored To The Rock

With his group of 5-6 #fam, a young person enters this Room to explore and enjoy a 3-D digital world of sights and sounds. It is as if his #squad is teleported into another environment. They gaze into the #it’s lit breathtaking panoramic view of the story. In this #Gucci immersive physical space, the walls have hidden triggers for them to interact with.

Through this interactive, meaningful and fun experience, everyone has the opportunity to consider how the Gospel of Jesus makes sense for himself. It is #dank for your youths to introduce or spread the Gospel to their friends!

What is available at IMMERSIVE?

Package 1:
Immersion into the story of Jesus’s birth
Duration: 7 mins
Hint: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Size: 10 max (exclude 2-3 group leaders)

Package 2:
Immersion into world’s creation
Duration: 7 mins
Hint: There’s a maker behind every creation
Size: 20 max (exclude 4-5 group leaders)

Package 3:
Immersion into a story (escape room)
Duration: 40-60 mins
Hint: Preventing an epidemic catastrophe
Size: 10 max (exclude 2-3 group leaders)

How do we use IMMERSIVE for evangelism?

At IMMERSIVE, young people will get to hear the Gospel message or be introduced to the Gospel in novel way. For participants who may be more excited in being with his friends rather than hearing about Christianity, the meaningful content in our presentations may just trigger an interest in them to talk further about Jesus.

Your youth and youth leaders can be a part of this journey for them to discover the Lord Jesus. Arrange for a pre-visit and book a date for your groups. We do not charge but will accept a love-gift, if you wish to contribute.

How can you help?

By God’s grace, SYFC plans to develop more packages to engage young people through this God-given platform at IMMERSIVE. Consider helping us if you have:

  • a creative youthful mind to generate new packages
  • digital art design background
  • a heart for youth evangelism through digital means

Where is IMMERSIVE located?

hundo P, this humble little Room is found in Emmanuel House (10 Lorong 27A Geylang).