Continual Youth Evangelism

By Laurent Tan

Constant exposure to internet, mobile gaming and all forms of social media are influencing our youth’s development, causing short attention span and affecting their social and decision-making skills. Reaching youth today is getting more challenging and complex.  Gone are the days where youth are at risk when they physically hang out with the wrong kinds of people. Today they could easily form unhealthy affiliations in the virtual world which invariably cause disorders in their lives. Some have even fallen into cyber-addiction.

To whom can our youth turn for help? We thank God for the various wellness programs and support platforms offered to young people today. However, it is even more important that our youth get to know Jesus Christ.

Paul wrote to the Colossians that the gospel was bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world. He emphasised to them to CONTINUE in the faith, stable and steadfast and not shifting from the hope of the gospel they have heard. He urged them not to lose sight of the gospel which they had received from Epaphras. Paul’s message is clear: Don’t underestimate the gospel. Don’t add to it. Don’t lose it.

Though our youth today are affected by different forms of technologies and the related contents, it is only in the gospel of Jesus Christ that they will find their identity, confidence and hope. Pray with us that we will continue to share the gospel faithfully and clearly to young people and they will continue in their faith in Jesus Christ, no matter how the world and the internet try to shape them.

Our desire to reach them should be just as intentional as we reach for our mobile phones when we wake up in the morning.

Laurent Tan (2nd from left)
a member of the Executive leadership Team and Youth Guidance Ministry Coordinator


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