Caught In Between

Sunny (at the bottom right) with some to-be polytechnic students! He is the co-ministry coordinator of the Polytechnic Ministry.

Polytechnic students are pressured to be competent, global-savvy young adults while lingering adolescent traits may get the better of them. It is a time of tension for while searching for their identity, insecurities develop or surface. With this backdrop, persisting in the work of evangelism among them can be easily overwhelming.

In the quest to love and effectively minister to them, my colleagues and I must constantly manage this tension well. It is truly an art to learn. As a ministry team, we constantly re-evaluate our platforms and approaches so as to keep on engaging with polytechnic students in meaningful conversations and in-depth interaction about the relevance of Christ in their lives. At the same time, we are mindful to give them space at 17-19 years of age to be themselves, to make mistakes and to have fun!

Many polytechnic Christian students are perturbed by the seeming irrelevance of the Christian faith or worse, slink into a state of nominal Christianity. We point them to God’s Word, seeking His favour as we direct them toward living out and experiencing the abundant life He promised.

As they turn to the greatest Life, we guide them in student leadership teams and small groups, giving them opportunities to run their own evangelistic initiatives for their peers.

Recently, we ran a program for Christian students to discover their original identity in God and how to let that shape their way of life. In June, we will run an evangelistic event for youths to create novelty products through workshops and give their works as gifts to those whom they cherish.

From April to July,12 polytechnic graduates will learn and do the work with us full-time. They will serve for a month, two or four months. We seek your financial support for them. Your giving will embolden them to focus on evangelising their polytechnic juniors, without distraction and concern about finances. Each has to raise between $500 to $700 monthly, depending on their needs.

If the experiences of polytechnic students resonate with you and how the Lord is at work in you, we welcome you to join us to bring the gospel to the polytechnic harvest!

The current batch of Polytechnic Ministry GradServants at Bible House!