Capturing Continuity

By Lionel Chan

In this issue, Eunice Lim (EL), a working volunteer with Youth Guidance (YG) and Daniel Chong (DC), a student volunteer with Secondary School and Junior College Ministry (SJM) give an idea of what is required of them as they persisted in youth evangelism through their life transitions.

Eunice and Amos, Serving together at Teensportz in 2016

When and how did you get involved in SYFC?
EL: While in first year in university, I joined the Performing Arts (PArts) Ministry. Two years later in 2014, I was introduced to YG and I switched over.

DC: One day in 2012, on my way back from school in Bishan, I met Jacky Chua, a SJM volunteer. When he learnt I was a Christian, he encouraged me to join him. I was in secondary three then.

Daniel (left) with fellow project servant Daniel Tan

Besides SYFC, what other responsibilites and commitments do you have to juggle?
EL: I am preparing for my marriage in June and in the midst of switching from my current work in the chemistry industry to the social service sector.

DC: I am applying for my university scholarship, taking driving lessons, serving in the church choir, evangelistic committee, and as an usher.


Eunice (2nd from Right) with students at last year’s playmax 5

How is continuity needed as you reach youths with the gospel?
EL: At first, I lacked experience to minister to at-risk youths, so I served in the back end support team. As a working volunteer now, the YG Christian Fellowship is a suitable platform since we meet bi-monthly on Saturdays. Here, I facilitate group discussions, teach God’s Word, plan events and relate to the young people as a big sister.


DC: Following up with student contacts is a great challenge. They spend long hours in school; at times, getting to know them is like a burden; and I procrastinate a lot. Recently, I sat myself down and called up a whole list of students whom I met for the first time two months before. Almost all remembered me! I discovered a joy in perseverance!

It is easy to view befriending students as a chore rather than a needful part of sharing my life and leading them to Christ. I need to always rely on God and be thankful.

Continually growing in my understanding of the Bible is important because students exploring Christianity ask many questions. To encourage Christian students to walk with God, I need to teach them His truths accurately.

So what motivate you to continue serving in SYFC now?
EL: I find that since working, I actually have more time and energy as a working volunteer compared to my time as a university student. I can contribute financially, which was not possible in the past. Over time, my relationship with the youths and volunteers are forged, and it becomes harder to leave.

DC: My greatest motivation is those I serve with. One particular brother, who had a difficult past and now holds only an average job, is content to have God as his portion. Serving God has shaped his character, and I am encouraged to be like him – having satisfaction in Christ is the only thing that matters.

Daniel (5th from right) with volunteers and staff from SJM

Eunice stayed unflagging in reaching youths for Christ while she transited from student to working life (and soon into married life) by overcoming limitations and seizing opportunities God presented to her. For Daniel, growing in God’s Word so as to better proclaim his faith and keeping up in joyful endurance with students whom God entrusts to him, is what continual evangelism in SYFC is largely about. We look to God for more relentless servants of the gospel like Jacky, Eunice and Daniel.

When Jacky first invited Daniel to join him, Jacky would not have imagined that five years on, that 15-year old boy he met at Bishan would carry on the work of the gospel.

Who next will Daniel challenge?